61 V/m, International Appeal From Italian Alliance to STOP 5G

‘Stop the electromagnetic coup’

Sit-In Friday April 8, 2022

Friday, April 8, sit-in in Rome organized by the Italian Alliance to Stop 5G to challenge the overdose of radiofrequency [microwave radiation] that would raise [the current protective guideline] 100 times higher, deprive mayors, municipalities and regions their rightful authority to impose safety constraints, to protect public health and the environment.

This video is not only a denunciation but also an appeal at an international level. It is a denunciation because in Italy, with general indifference, we are threatened by a real electromagnetic radiation coup d’état promoted by telcos’ lobby with the complicity of our Government and Parliament. A series of amendments presented in these last few days are calling for the electromagnetic radiation exposure limits to be raised from 6 V/m to 61 V/m throughout the country.

I am Maurizio Martucci, journalist, writer, author of books on Electrosensitivity and the dark sides of the digital future. I am also the national spokesman of the Italian Alliance Stop 5G and have spoken several times at the Italian and European Parliaments. Together with doctors, scientists, lawyers and a vast network of citizens, associations, local rallies and movements, since 2018, every day we have been fighting to oppose the advance of the Internet of Things and, now, Bodies, too.

This video is not only a denunciation but also an appeal at an international level. It is a denunciation because in Italy, with general indifference, we are threatened by a real electromagnetic radiation coup d’état promoted by telcos’ lobby with the complicity of our Government and Parliament. A series of amendments presented in these last few days are calling for the electromagnetic radiation exposure limits to be raised from 6 V/m to 61 V/m throughout the country.

If approved, one of the most cautious safety standards in Europe, and in the world, even though not 100% protective, would be swept away; local antenna regulations would be made invalid, totally overturning the legitimate authorities of municipalities and mayors; deregulation would be given the green light to allow for ubiquitous placement of  antennas and enable telcos to dangerously impact public lands and endanger public health and safety, as well as to cause catastrophic damage to the environment; even private property would be threatened as these measures would allow overnight, land and homes expropriation to have new antennas installed, without any constraints or brakes. It is also very important to underline that these amendments come after the request by ASSTEL (the telcos’ wing of Confindustria, the Italian industrial lobby) to increase the electromagnetic radiation exposure thresholds 110 times higher than at present in order to facilitate the deployment of 5G irradiating infrastructures. This is happening in the silence of the official mainstream, in the disinterest of all the political parties and in the distraction of the public opinion, first focused on the Covid-19 emergency, and now on the war in Ukraine.

Our 6 V/m law, in force in Italy for over 24 years, was mainly conceived by legislators to minimize the health hazard, in compliance with the Recommendation of the European Community stating that, “Member States are entitled, under the Treaty, to provide a higher level of protection“.  It follows that any attempt to adapt this law to 5G requirements for more microwave radiation exposure via more antennas betrays the law and the legislators’ original intent. Unfortunately, this has already happened when this very law was amended by actually raising the 6 V/m limit with the introduction of 24-hour measurements instead of the 6-minute maximum peak, as it was originally.

We are aware of the reports provided by the Bioinitiative Group, the European Parliament in its 2009 Resolution, and the Council of Europe Assembly in its Resolution 1815 of 2011, where governments are invited to lower the legal exposure limits to 0.6 V/m in the immediate term and 0.2 V/m in the long term, since effects on living organisms are scientifically established as harmful at 0.002 V/m.

A debate was promoted within the European Commission, where the Panel on the Future of Science and Technology (STOA) questioned the reliability of the policies laid down by the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), and took in due consideration the results of the research on the carcinogenicity of non-ionising radiofrequency microwaves, carried out  by the Ramazzini Institute. These results were so important as to bring the International Agency for Research on Cancer to re-evaluate the electromagnetic radiation classification as a carcinogen by 2024.

We are also aware of the important judgement passed by the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit against the Federal Communications Commission thanks to the decisive action of the Environmental Health Trust with the help of other influential associations.

The Covid-19 sanitary emergency has worsened the whole scenario: since its beginning in early 2019, the population has been heavily exposed to electromagnetic radiation due to working from home and home-schooling without being provided with safety guidelines to protect their health, especially children. During lockdowns, we witnessed the accelerated installation of a multitude of new 5G antennas with the official mainstream chorally exalting the advantages of these “innovative” technologies in all fields, Medicine included. The ongoing sanitary emergency has exposed aspects far beyond sanitary such as the nefarious interconnection between health and the so-called ‘smart grid’ aimed at connecting the Internet of Things and, worst of all, the Internet of Bodies.

In Italy, we have collected over 64,500 signatures on a petition to stop 5G, and I myself delivered them to our Ministry of Health by hand. We have held numerous conferences on a national and international level, also at the Italian Parliament in Rome and at the European Parliament in Brussels together with authoritative doctors and scientists; we have promoted street demonstrations all over the country. More than 600 municipalities had banned 5G in their cities, but the government gagged the protest with an anti-liberty law drafted by a former CEO of Vodafone Europe and former advisor to Verizon, now a minister, named Vittorio Colao. In Italy, conflicts of interest abound, but we are not giving up and that is why we are raising funds on Eppela in the crowdfunding, “5G on trial, protection for all citizens” to support the legal costs for the actions we will be taking to ask the judiciary to stop 5G and recognize Electrosensitivity.

In addition, in the last few days, Stop 5G activists have started a sit-in outside the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate in Rome,  with banners and flags, to urge politicians to stop the electromagnetic radiation. Last year, 135 citizens went on hunger strike for 18 days to raise this issue at institutional, political and media levels.

We do everything we can, we put our heart and soul into it because we believe in what we do.

Having said that, as Italian Alliance Stop 5G, we appeal to the international community, to the network of associations against electrosmog pollution and allies against 5G microwave radiation around the world: we ask you to join us in these days of struggle to denounce the attempted electromagnetic coup in Italy, a maneuver that could create a dangerous precedent for the whole world. Help us, let’s win this case! What happens today in Italy could happen tomorrow in your countries. In this very difficult historical phase, we must unite our best forces to take back what belongs to us and leave future generations a better world than the one we have found. And not the other way around. In defense of health, rights and freedoms.

Thank you for your attention.


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